From Small studies of an everyday practice series, 2014

Izziyana is a fiber artist, working with techniques of hand embroidery and weaving (winging it most of the time). She is also a wife and mom to a toddler, managing her time for all not very well. She dabbles in healthy-ish baking when life threatens to overwhelm.

Based in Singapore, she's been practising since 2008. She achieved her dream of mounting her first solo show before 30 in 2015 (29!), and has been imagining great new works ever since.

Her fiber artworks explore evidence of the hand and especially, of time. She is interested in the evidence of time passing - growth, decay. She views fiber artworks as physical manifestations of time - or time object - as each stitch represents a moment passed. The culmination of stitches becomes a representation of moving time.

She also enjoys the duality of fiber art, in its movements of stabbing, cutting, covering, building, repairing and taking apart. Every stitch made seems to unfold a story and withhold it at the same time.